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Volunteers are the Heartbeat of

**Volunteers ** Volunteers **

Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Southside Senior & Community Center. Thank you to all who give so generously of your time, energy and talent. We could not operate the Center without all of these fabulous volunteers. Each year they give between 12,000 and 25,000 hours to the Center. 

THIS is what makes Southside Senior & Community Center
place to be, to have fun, to meet great people, to be active, to volunteer.

 Front Desk Ambassador and busy volunteer, Shelline Totten, brings her special smile and personality to the Center every week. Come on in and say 'hi' someday.










 Front Desk Ambassadors Phyllis Williams (left) and Mary Nofsinger -- and the many, many other volunteers who make this Center 'work' -- extol the whole attitude and atmosphere. They work the Friday morning shift, if you want to come in and say 'hi' someday.

Tuesday, June 4: Southside volunteers lend a hand with KSPS programming fund drive

On an early June evening, 13 Southside volunteers hopped in the center's van for the short drive up Regal to KSPS where they donned headphones, picked up pens and paper, and staffed the phonelines during the public TV station's programming fund drive. They had a great time . . . and handled orders for a good number of donations during two programs -- the Italian singing group, Ilvolo, and 'Barbra Streisand: One Night Only at the Village Vanguard.' On duty that night were (back row, from left) Denise Fanazick, Marnie McCoy, Lisa Rosier, Jean Haidle, Florence Haidle, Janette Lippincott, Margaret Nelson and Jean Porter; (front row, from left) Jessie Quincy, Barbara Haynes, Jim VanderMeer, Marge Kidd and Bonnie McDade.





Volunteer opportunities are numerous here

As our busy summer winds down and we head into fall, Center activities, special events, fundraisers, dinners and luncheons, and housekeeping are all forefront on our collective agendas. When we say that 'Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Center' -- we mean it!!!

So, if you are interested in getting more active in the Center, helping others, helping out, or helping yourself to add a new element to your life . . . this is the place to do it

There are volunteer opportunities
~ serving at lunches and dinners,
~ leading or supporting special events and/or fundraisers,
~ serving as a front desk ambassadors, or in the Classy Corner
~ driving and/or escorting trips and so much more.

Just give us a call, and we'll find the right place for you and your talents.


Many Thanks! Our travel program would never succeed without the generosity of our volunteer drivers and escorts. Sincere thanks to our recent volunteers: Linda Barney, Mic Cochrane, Curt Connolly, Claudia Craven, Bonnie McDade, Lynette Rostollan, Tom Zdrojkowski, Dennis and Shelline Totten, and Ron Vierra..

Interested in being a Travel driver or escort?

If you are interested in joining our much-appreciated team of drivers and escorts, there is new driver training on December 12, and first aid certification to follow. Please contact Marnie McCoy in the travel office for more details.

                                                Volunteerism good for seniors
Thank you
- Front Line Ambassadors

This is a wonderful opportunity to thank all who participant as a member of an important team on the front desk as ambassadors for the Center. Southside Senior & Community Center is indeed privileged to have 28 welcoming members on the team.



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